[DevLog] Music On! - Mixtape (Bitsy Jam)

Published Game is on!

Day 1 - Started to learn what could be done with Bitsy.

 Reformulated original idea game, because sounds are not yet implemented in Bitsy.

Will try to put a loop music on the game using the solution provided here by the creator of Bitsy,  Adam Le Doux.

Bitsy Game Jam  Mixtape  rules and submissions here.

Day 2 - Decided to use original room idea to pick discs to play some music, and by doing so, we will enter on a room related to the disc theme.

On the room there is an image with a hidden labyrinth to be solved.

Not sure if a different music can be looped on the background of each room. Will stay with the same for now.

Room maze 1 was created.

Day 3 - Created maze room 2 and 3.  As I was away from the PC, I used Pixel Studio on android in a 16x16 window to create the image/path.

On Bitsy we have up to 3 colors per room, for background, tiles and sprites. I played a little with collor palettes for each room.

Day 4 - Tried to create quick original music with Lmms to loop on the background, but my lack of experience with Lmms only allowed me to make horrible music, so I edited "Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, from Mozart" that I downloaded from Wikipedia

Used Audacity to loop 30  seconds of a little bit that sounded good enough to me.

Update: Maybe I should have left a little more than 30 seconds of music, getting annoying to hear the same again and again. Will upload a music I create at a latter stage, maybe.


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Note to self for next game: check out image-to-bitsy here.